Sun. May 3rd | Virtual Salon


​Rosanne Philippens, Violin

Julia Philippens, Violin

Marc Sabbah, Alto

Lidy Blijdorp, Violoncelle

Julien Brocal, Piano

Vasks - Pianissimo

Ravel - Habanera & Maleguen (arr. Lidy Blijdorp)
Ravel - Duo Sonata for violin & cello (excerpts)

Vasks - The Fruit of Silence for Quintet with piano
Grapelli - Pickup Yourself

Bebop - improvisation

Schumann - Bird as Prophet (arr. Lidy Blijdorp)

Film Director : Bashar Zein

Second Film Director : Hashim Ibrahem

Artistic Consultant : Mohammad Zaza

Sound Assistant : Saji Debongnie



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