Salon Vituel

Performing arts in danger. Solidarity initiative between artists. 

Jardin Musical, an ecosystem of artists born in Brussels in the atelier of pianist Julien Brocal, launches a chain of solidarity with the musicians. Every Sunday at 6 p.m. from May 3rd, a concert will be broadcast live from the atelier on social networks. A virtual donation will be proposed to the audience to support the artists.

An earthquake is underway in the performing arts world. A resumption of activity is planned for September, but nothing guarantees the arrival of an audience facing with the threat of the Covid-19. What will become of the artists? How will they be able to survive out of any income? Despite everything, they continue to share their art free of charge, in most cases with the means available (Webcams, telephones, etc.). To overcome this crisis, which has hit the performing arts hard, Jardin Musical is setting up a chain of solidarity between the artists in connection with its activities.  Read more ...

Anaïs Gaudemard - Harp Recital
A. Soumm & P. Kouider
Trio Khnopff
Trio Jazz Saouta
Quintet Aleph
Ensemble Tempus - EXIL(S)
Schubert : Ashot Khachatourian
Schubert Quintet D 956
E. Caluwaerts, M. Rose, A. Wijnberg
François Dumont - Recital
Camille Thomas - Voice of Hope
Voice of Hope
Guillaume Vincent, piano
Journeyers - Lidy Blijdorp & Friends
Trio Avanesyan - Love from Russia
Ghalia Benali : Call to prayers
Rhalia Benali
Romina Lischka
Vincent Noiret
Julien Brocal - Chopin, Préludes Op.28
Prélude 4
Prélude 6
Prélude 8
Prélude 15
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