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Jardin Musical is an ecosystem of artists born in Brussels in the atelier of pianist Julien Brocal

Story of Jardin Musical

In September 2019, he published:

“ A year has passed since I arrived in St-Catherine, in a magnificent atelier whose bricks on the walls bear witness to a history dating back several centuries, when this district was still only a port, a place of popular exchange and cultural mix.


Most of the buildings there served as warehouses for food, and there were apparently no tenants living within these walls before I settled in with my piano. This space was then embodied to welcome and celebrate history in the present, and what better medium than music and art to bear witness to this common heritage.

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A creative ecosystem reflecting the principles of permaculture


The principles

- Taking care of the Earth

- Taking care of humans

- Sharing resources and harvests fairly


Permaculture is a philosophy and a science of interactions between living things. In recent years, it has opened other voices of exploitation in agriculture. It takes the opposite view from industrial monoculture, favoring the diversity of species on land on a human scale. By combining certain species, it creates synergies: the nature of one acting indirectly on the well-being of another. By generating such ecosystems, the soil does not run out, biodiversity develops, human beings taking care of themselves by taking care of the Earth. Isn't this methodology just as relevant to the world of art and culture? Read more ...

They grow our Garden

The Team

Julien Brocal, artistic director
Patricia de Solages, producer
Benjamin Prunet, manager
Isabelle de Borchgrave, honorary member

Jardin Musical thanks its Patrons warmly:

Manfred Bodner

Jean-Manuel & Patricia de Solages

Peter & Cathy Halstead

Jean-Baptiste & Marie-Laure Prunet

Jean-François & Michèle Toulouse

Our Corporate supports

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Association Avenir & Musique


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