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You bring water to our Garden, thank you so much!

Thanks to you, it will be able to continue to grow and germinate many musical projects

For mainstream donations


For your tax-free donations (as of 40€) We deem ourselves lucky to be supported by the Belgian "Roi Baudouin Foundation". This organization aims to support, amongst others, projects promoting culture. How does this actually work? The foundation acknowledges the "Jardin Musical" as an active organization promoting culture and reassures potential donors. In addition, for any donation as of 40 €, by going through the "Roi Baudouin Foundation" you are entitled a tax refund of 45% in Belgium and 66% as residents in France (art. 145/33 CIR).

"Cultura" meant in Cicero's time "Caring for the soul"

This is our intention and our motivation so that our project can:


Welcome new artists to share with you their light and inspiring presence


Improve again and again the quality & quantity of what we can offer you in terms of media and cultural events


Innovate and change the current situation with fairer "streaming"


​Êto be a real talent incubator


Please contact Geoffroy Chapelle, project manager of the

Jardin Musical

+32 456 04 35 05

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